About Angie's Weigh

The Story

Life changed in 2022, after leaving my corporate position with almost 11 years of dedication to the same employer. I accepted a buyout offer and decided I wanted to pursue entrepreneurship. 

To be fair, my husband and I had started a small business in 2020 at the peak of the pandemic. So, entrepreneurship was not completely foreign to me. The goal was for me to eventually join him, but our timeline was sped up quicker than we anticipated.

Through the many business ventures, that were explored since then - Amazon became my focus. My goal is to share my experience and the process that led up to pursuing Amazon FBA. 

I spent almost a year learning the whole process from sourcing products to negotiating with manufacturers. I am so excited to say my first shipment of products are in transit to a U.S Amazon warehouse. I will share if you can be truly profitable selling on Amazon. 

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